Thanks again to all the riders! 


Top 15

1.     Demonic Possession, Morgan Stern and Daniel Brewer (5:37PM)

2.     The Road Warriros, Lauren Conroy and Brian Bauer (5:41PM)

3.     Team Two Chains, Allison Zmuda and Bailey Newbrey (TANDEM) (5:43PM)

4.     Team North America, Kelsey and Rob (5:44PM)

5.     Team Feminism, Nikki Munvez and Will Ansley (5:44PM)

6.     Lindsay and Brennan (5:53PM)

7.     Team Chicago, Sara Laurino and Andrew Haala (6PM)

8.     Margot and Justin (TANDEM) (6PM)

9.     On the Run, Matt and Emilie (6:06PM)

10. Maria O. and Adam H. (6:07PM)

11. Team Crochet, Sophia and Lucas (6:08PM)


12. Wingz, Jen and Ash (6:10PM) (1st Women's)

13. The Schwimmers, Danielle and Jaik (6:13PM)

14. NICKAPOORALARKIN, Maria and Nick (6:16PM)

15. Robot Fowl, Amanda and Angela (6:21) (2nd Women)


Women's Podium

1.     Wingz, Jen and Ash

2.   Robot Fowl, Amanda and Angela 

3. Latin Sparkle, Francine and Angela 

Best Style 

1.     Robot Fowl, Amanda and Angela

2.     Calvin and Hobbes, Elizabeth Beyer and


3. Twin Peaks, Maria Larkin and Nick VanZoeren


Best Selfie

Nikki and Will


Allison Poh and David Beytas (Complete Manifest @ 6:56PM)


Time Trial

Sarah Szefi and Levi Baer


Time Trial DFL

Kat and Vernon